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Opening Roxi up to event planners and independent promoters

Originally, the Roxi platform had been designed and developed in such a way that only venues, with a real physical address, could register for an Dashboard account. That meant that when a user were to create and promote an event, it would automatically be linked to the venue associated with their account.     We […]

The Facebook Widget

Our widgets are what make our platform special and our Facebook Widget is no exception. With our Facebook Widget, you can now process guest list request, bottle service reservations and ticket sales all from within your Facebook page without needing to be redirected elsewhere. Setting up your Facebook widget is simple. (insert image underneath each […]

Standard Roxi Widget

The core of the Roxi service is the Roxi Widget. This Widget, which you can embed in your venue’s website, displays upcoming events and allows you to process guestlist requests, bottle service reservations, and admission ticket sales for your clients.     Guestlist To get on guestlist through the Roxi Widget, your clients simply need […]

How Roxi Helps Prevent Charge Backs

Credit card chargebacks occurs when a customer, for various reasons (ranging from fraudulent use of their card, dissatisfaction with the good or service received to even fraud on their end), disputes a credit card transaction through their bank. Usually, the burden of proof falls on the merchant (or venue in our case) to show that the customer was […]

Manage All Your Accounts With One Log In

We are well aware that many managers and owners within the nightlife space are connected to more than one venue or company. Most of our clients run a number of different properties or organizations– some in the same city and some in other countries. That is why we’ve introduced the linked account feature into the […]

Our New Video

We’ve finally finished out first official Roxi intro video. Take a look and let us know what you think. Be sure to share it with your friends or anyone you think could benefit from our platform. Thank you for your continued support.     If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post […]